2 Places to Visit in Sydney in a Minibus

Minibus driving on a highwayAustralia is a beautiful country. It is the one place in the world where you see koala’s and kangaroo’s living side by side. It also has many beautiful and amazing places to visit, one of which is Sydney.

There is so much to see and do in Sydney either as an individual or a group. That is why if you are looking for a minibus for hire in Sydney, there are many companies around that can help you. Concord Coaches cites some of the best places you need to see in this beautiful city.

Hunter Valley Wineries

Located three hours outside of main Sydney town, Hunter Valley is perhaps an adventure all unto itself. For those who don’t know, Hunter Valley is the oldest wine producing region in Australia. Here, you will get the chance to see how wine is made, tour the facilities, enjoy meals with the best wine and even buy some bottles. You will be spoilt for choice with over 150 wineries to choose from.

Whilst this may suit mostly wine lovers, there is also hiking, cheese and chocolate tasting, breweries, distilleries and adventure activities for those who are not. A trip to Hunter Valley is ideal for a family and group of friends.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains, which are located about 90 minutes from Sydney, are a nature lover’s paradise. They got their name from the unique blue-hued mist that is formed on the mountain. As the area contains vast eucalypt forests, the blue mist is created when oil droplets from the tree interact with the sun and mist. This triple interaction causes the mist to turn blue, hence the name Blue Mountains.

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Beyond that, the Blue Mountains are home to many beautiful and breathtaking waterfalls, valleys, rugged sandstone tablelands and a limestone cave, the Jenolan Caves. For those who love the beauty and splendour of nature, this place is a must-see destination.

Sydney has a lot offer to those who are looking for a great Australian adventure. It certainly is a magical place, so plan your trip now and contact a vehicle rental company as early as possible.