2016’s Top Innovative Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaign in Melbourne2016 saw a lot of marketing campaigns that succeeded and failed; the best ones managed to grab the attention of people, regardless of whether they had a positive or negative impact. The campaigns on this list provide you with examples to emulate and maybe even inspire you to create a strategy similar to theirs.

Make America Great Again

Whether you are a Trump supporter or not, the Donald managed an effective campaign that delivered the finishing blow to Hillary’s hopes of becoming the first woman president of the US. The Republican candidate conveyed a powerful message whenever he uttered his slogan ‘Make America Great Again’. This singular approach was easy to understand and distribute through various platforms, whether it was online or offline.

Trump delivered his message in a more cost-effective way compared to Clinton. The latter approximately spent $8.80 per vote compared to the former’s $4.57 per vote. The Republican’s campaign had factors that worked in their favour, these included:

  1. A clear message
  2. Smart segmentation and positioning
  3. Authentic use of online platforms such as social media and news coverage

Come Together by H&M

According to a digital media agency from Melbourne, H&M created Christmas magic with their ‘Come Together’ campaign for the holiday season. The company leveraged influencer marketing through the star power of director Wes Anderson and Academy Award winner Adrien Brody. The former shot the ad in his distinct style, which clicked with a group of people that liked his movies before. The advertisement managed to get more than five and a half million views on YouTube (and counting). The number may seem small but a majority of it was organic and free.

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Virgin Holidays

Virgin used virtual reality (VR) in one of their campaigns to excite their audience. The company used their headsets and combined VR with Google’s Cardboard technology. They created a 3D video that immerses customers into the world they imagined.

These are only some of the most noteworthy marketing campaigns of 2016 that are worth emulating. Try some of these or use similar concepts to attract a new batch of customers or keep current ones happy and satisfied.