3 Creative Ways to Present Your Gift to a Loved One

Popcorn in a bowlIt's easy to place all the emphasis on the price and type of a gift item, as well as the thought behind it. However, thrilling the recipient will take a little more than thoughtfulness and the price tag. It may actually have more to do with the manner of presentation. Anyone who desires a reaction that indicates ecstatic surprise will have to introduce a bit of fanfare.

According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, givers and receivers get stronger feelings of closeness when the gift reflects the giver. This means that when a gift incorporates the recipient’s tastes, it will elicit a more excited reaction. So, when thinking of a person who loves watching movies at home, you may think of flavored popcorn gifts.

Many other types of gifts demand creative ways of presentation. Here are three ways to get that great reaction from a loved one:

Use a "Fake" Package

People tend to be logically minded in thinking of gifts. As such, a gift would be expected in a standard gift-wrap form. If an expensive gift item comes in a nondescript box, it lowers expectations immediately. The good news is, after digging through the "fake" package and discovering the gift, the reaction will likely be explosive.


This creative method has been tried and tested in marriage proposals, but there is no reason it will not work with gifts presentation. The trick here is to make sure the chosen medium of delivery represents part of a routine for the recipient.

Use a Child

A little child innocently handing a gift to the recipient evokes emotions. The subtlety is quite profound for most people and immediately sets the tone for receiving the gift.

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Making a gift more special typically costs little yet has a powerful impact. Whether the item is a token of appreciation or gifts for special occasions, there is an opportunity to make someone special happier.