3 Important Considerations for Dry and Wet Equipment Hires

man dealing with truck serviceWhen carrying out any project that requires the use of heavy machinery, hiring the right equipment is more cost-effective than purchasing equipment then shelving it. 

You, however, need to decide whether you will go for dry hires (hiring equipment and getting your own operator) or wet truck hires (hiring equipment together with an operator). Before then, here are three critical factors you always should consider when choosing these hire options, especially in NZ:

1. Ease of Management

With wet hires, you do not have to conduct an interview to choose an operator. You will also not require hiring extra people to monitor the operator. For dry hires, you will only make the project management process easy if you are sure of the qualification of the workforce you are bringing on board.

2. Service Quality

In wet hires, the operator has the necessary experience in using the heavy machinery you will hire, which could mean delivering quality work. Moreover, the operator is likely to be more cautious about using the equipment (since it is theirs), which can minimise the number of on-site accidents. 

On the other hand, relying on another party to operate the equipment could result in work of less quality, especially if they are not familiar with the equipment and project that you are working on, which could result to workplace accidents. It will also take more time to explain to them how everything works.

3. Cost

When considering wet hires, the cost to hire an operator is part of the amount you will pay to hire the equipment. A dry hire gives you the chance to choose a workforce that is within your budget, so you can reduce the overall project cost.

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Equipment and truck hire options vary depending on the equipment hire company you choose to work with. Nevertheless, you can find one that allows you to choose between dry and wet equipment hires, depending on your project demands. Your ultimate choice will, however, depend on your preference of service and budget.