3 Improvements to Make Your Website Easier to Navigate

Someone using their phone to read about web design Web design isn’t only about flashiness and beautiful graphics, it’s also about user experience. If a visitor has a difficult time finding what they need, they will leave your site and go to a competitor.

An expert on graphic design from Salt Lake City list the following improvements you can make to improve website navigation:

Seamless Searching

Owners that use a site search convert at a higher rate compared to those who don’t. This makes sense because a visitor who uses this feature already has the intention to act or buy. Moreover, this option makes it easier for them to find what they need, without wasting time navigating a site.

One tweak to make is to add a sticky menu. This has a few drawbacks, however. Another alternative is adding a prominent search bar that allows visitors to find whatever they’re looking for easily.

Remove the Drop-Down Menu

When the choices of your drop-down menu are complex or too many, think about replacing it with a page that has more details in it. Usability research has revealed that drop-down menus annoy some website users.

Apple Inc., for example, has leveraged this approach to their advantage. Instead of cramming information into the menu, they showcase everything using a menu page. They also include photos to make it easier for visitors to find what they need.

Limit Direct Navigation Links

Some websites have a navigation bar with 10 or more items. While this could be a tempting approach, as it includes everything you want, it’s a mistake because it reduces logical navigation, impedes and confuses visitors, and may even affect conversion rates negatively. Only include heavy traffic pages and important ones in the permanent navigation bar links.

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These strategies make it easier for your visitors to navigate your website; doing so makes them return or even turn them into a loyal consumer.