3 Secrets to Having a Good Funeral on a Tight Budget

Funeral Service in TaylorsvilleKeeping the costs of a funeral low and affordable is the last thing on the minds of a grieving family. Such thoughts are less likely to cross your mind as you struggle with the reality of losing a close family member.

People are often too emotional to make logical decisions and end up making costly mistakes that strain their finances for months. With a little bit of planning, you can have a great send off without breaking the bank:

Skip on embalming

Utah does not require you to embalm a body, so you can skip the process when planning a funeral. Eliminating the embalming costs can lower your budget without compromising the funeral. With good storage, you can still hold a public viewing of the body. However, if your state requires embalming for public viewing, you can have a closed casket funeral instead.

Choose the accessories wisely

The cost of caskets range up to thousands of dollars and constitute a significant part of your funeral expenses. McDougal Funeral Home suggests finding a funeral home that offers packages and discounts.

You can opt for the inexpensive yet smart ones made of metal, wood, or fiberboard. Fewer decorative features keep the cost low and could result in considerable savings. Alternatively, you can opt for cremation caskets that come with a simpler design and have a lower price tag.

Know your rights

By law, each funeral home needs to list the expenses when providing you with a quote rather than a blanket figure. They also need to disclose any relevant information, whether you ask in person or over the phone. Additionally, they cannot force you into buying all accessories from them. You can shop for a bargain elsewhere and still use some of their services without extra charges.

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While making funeral arrangement is a complicated process, you should take care to avoid common pitfalls. With proper planning, you can have a graceful send off for your deceased family member without breaking the bank.