3 Things You Might Consider Homeschooling

HomeschoolingA study conducted by the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) revealed that homeschooling is no less than public schooling. In fact, most of the children who homeschool get higher grades — about 15 to 30 points — than children enrolled in public schools.

While public schooling indeed has its own unique advantages, The American Academy noted that there are also many reasons a parent would want to find a homeschool high school online for her child.

Calm and Safe Environment

A place that is safe and peaceful is the best place for learning, as believed by both homeschool and public school advocates. This is where homeschooling is better than public schools. A child could thrive more when studying at their own pace, in their own style, and in an environment that they're more familiar with. Furthermore, a child can focus better since homeschooling eliminates peer pressure and exposure to negative elements.

Physically and Emotionally Safe

Bullying is a major issue in public schools, and the battle against it still promises no guarantee that it will end completely in no time. In public schools, there are also chances that a child becomes a victim of drugs and alcohol, racism, and physical violence.

Academic Performance

As mentioned earlier, children who homeschool get exceptional grades, even better than those in public schools. To support that, a published report by the Educational Resources Information Center also states that those who homeschool get higher scores in achievement tests. The same report states that children introduced to homeschool during their early years tend to get higher SAT scores than children in public as well as private and catholic schools.

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Homeschooling may not be what most people are used to. It may also have its drawbacks when social aspects are concerned. However, understanding what it offers may make parents like it more than public schooling.