3 Ways to Maintain Your Home Exteriors

A man cleaning his gutters in NapervilleMaintenance work and repairs inside your home may keep you busy, but that’s no excuse to neglect the exterior areas. If you don’t take care of the home exteriors, you can experience a lot of problems and hassles especially when the rainy season kicks in. You don’t want to be stuck with a clogged gutter or a leaky roof when there’s a storm. Here are some important exterior maintenance tips you need to apply to keep it safe and appealing.

Repair the Roof

Some leaks from the roof are not apparent, so it’s important to check it every now and then to see if there are any leaks so you can cover them up even before they become bigger. Another thing you must check is if there are any damaged or missing shingles. If there are plenty, then maybe it’s time to call a professional like APEX Exteriors Inc for a roof repair in Naperville. Leaks and missing shingles signal a deteriorating roof that needs professional attention.

Clean the Gutter

The rain gutter is important to make the rainfall from the roof pass properly to the ground without causing damages to your home. However, the gutter can easily become clogged with small twigs, fallen leaves, and other particles. That’s why you should check and clean the gutters every week or every other week. If it begins raining heavily and your gutter is clogged, expect it to flood and make a mess.

Repaint the Walls

Exterior walls also need a fresh coat of paint. In fact, you need to repaint your exterior walls more frequently than interior walls because they are more exposed to wear and tear. Every two or three years is good enough, depending on its appearance. When doing so, make sure to only use high-quality paint to make it last longer. You can do the paint job yourself if you are confident about your skills.

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Follow these tips to keep your home exteriors as clean, well-maintained, and appealing as possible.