4 Effective Ways to Launch Your New Business with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing conceptInfluencer marketing, whether you like it or not, is an insanely effective tool to get your brand out there. The influence of bloggers, YouTubers, and social media personalities is here to stay. If you’re a new brand that wants a loud and strong first impression on your target market, you need to recognise as early as now that you need them… so bad.

If you’re a newbie in influencer marketing, here are some tips to maximise it when promoting your brand:

1. Choose influencers who will be effective brand ambassadors

An influencer with the most followers isn’t always the best person to promote your brand. Don’t choose based solely on how vast their following is. It’s better to work with influencers who can represent your brand well. If you’re launching a sports apparel, for instance, make sure you tie up with a fitness influencer — someone who’s known to play all kinds of sports or has an active lifestyle.

2. Get the ball rolling as early as possible

It’s not going to be a one-time, big-time launching event. You need to create a buzz among your target market. Fast Company contributor David Lavenda says that a six to eight-week lead-time is ideal. Therefore, your influencers should be dropping hints in their social media accounts by this time.

3. Provide influencers with an experience that are worth-remembering

You may be paying these people to work for you and giving them free items, but this doesn’t mean that they’ll promote your brand aggressively. With the many brands (even bigger ones) that approach them on a daily basis, you have to stand out.

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Digital marketing consultant Shane Barker suggests introducing your brand through unforgettable experiences. If your brand has something to do with health and wellness, for example, you can host a yoga retreat in the middle of nowhere. By doing so, they’ll be more excited to talk about your brand.

4. Do an all-out event launch

All-out doesn’t necessarily mean big, fancy, or grand. It simply means that you must do every effort to make it special, especially for the influencers and the media. The event itself, how it’s styled, how the program flows, and how the activities will go should all be well-thought-of.

As much as possible, personalise and produce high-quality custom promotional products. Create a good media and sales kit, too. The goal is to make the media and your brand ambassadors to send a unifying message about your brand.

With influencer marketing, you either ride or die. If your brand targets a younger audience, you would most definitely need all the help you can get from the people they trust.