4 Features to Look for in Luxury Homes for Sale

Luxury homeThe epitome of a luxury house is not just a nicely painted house; it brings to mind lots of amenities such as a pool, a gym, a tennis court in the backyard, and a well-stocked kitchen, among others. It allows the owner to feel like royalty or opulent.

Real estate sales professional Shayla Twit reveals four features buyers look for in luxury homes for sale in Sarasota, FL.

Private Gym and Spa

A fully equipped gym, yoga, and spa rooms are cropping up in luxury homes everywhere. Most luxury home shoppers are looking for homes with amenities and features that meet their needs and suit their lifestyles. Rather than scheduling a gym workout during peak hours, your trainer can come to your home at your convenience. After the workout, you can go straight to your home sauna for a soothing steam.

Killer Views

Views are the ultimate luxury feature, and a gorgeous city view can add a hefty price tag to a property.  Views are one of the most treasured and coveted elements of a luxury home. Those glass walls and infinity edge pool that disappear at the touch of a button wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic if it weren’t for that expensive carpet of twinkling city lights or the rolling canyon expanse.

Land and Privacy

With a gorgeous view, property and privacy are very critical to most luxury shoppers. They are looking for a good-sized lot and usable land that have that mature landscaping, with a lot of privacy from a gated driveway that will protect the property from prying eyes.

A Bedroom Fit for a King and Queen

Luxury also crosses to the most private sanctuary — the bedroom. Residents spend a good deal of time in the bedroom. Therefore, it should be an ample open space with room for a massive bed and plenty of relaxing areas. Also, it has to have a built-in automation system for lighting, security, and window shades, on top of all other things a bedroom should have.

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Are you thinking of a remodel, or are you on the market for a new home? If so, consider looking for luxury homes for sale in Sarasota where you can accomplish your desires.