4 Interesting Things to Do in Sydney

An aerial view of SydneySydney’s status among tourists is quite stellar. It is famous mainly as the go-to city for tourists who want to experience urban life in Australia. It also provides a unique cultural experience and access to nature’s wonders. The following are unique things a tourist can do in Sydney to appreciate their time in the city:

Tour Architectural Wonders

Sydney’s past as a colonial post means it has a lot of architectural marvels in its landscape. Macquarie Lighthouse and St. Philip’s Church both exhibit older styles — classical and Gothic. The more recent ones such as the Sydney Opera House and 1 Bligh Street are shining beacons of the city’s urbanisation.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is also a popular destination. To make the tour easier, hire a Sydney minibus for the activity.

Swim in Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is the most popular of the many beaches in Sydney. What makes it unique are the ocean pools on the coast — go-to spots for many tourists.

Try Some Good Asian Food

For those looking for authentic Asian food, you can’t go wrong with Spice Alley. This little open-air courtyard strip of Singaporean culture brings together cuisine from all over Asia especially Cantonese, Malaysian and Thai.

Trek Along the Royal National Park

The Royal National Park takes less than an hour of a drive from the Central Business District, but people don’t associate it with the urban jungle as they do with Sydney. Trekkers can swim in its ponds and small rivers that dot the park. It is also very conducive for picnics and biking.

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There are a lot of interesting things you can do within the city borders of Sydney. Ultimately, what will appeal to you will depend on your interests and passions.