5 Advantages of Using Scalp Micropigmentation to Treat Hair Loss

Scalp Micropigmentation ProcessHair loss is bound to occur at a certain point in life. When it does, it may be a threat to your image and may eventually affect your esteem. Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is one of the treatments used to reverse the effects of hair loss, among others like hair transplant and hair growth supplements.

With its popularity growing tremendously over time, Alpha Micropigmentation outlines some of the reasons you should consider getting SMP in Nevada to conceal your bald spots.

Non-invasive procedure

The procedure is simple and non-invasive, as it involves no stitches or dressing. It only takes a few sessions to complete and healing is as quick as three to four days.

Boosts looks and confidence

Balding and a receding hairline are usually associated with old age. When they set in early in life, it could lower your self-confidence. Scalp micropigmentation gives the illusion of a full head. It gives you back the look of the young person you are.

Counters hair loss problems due to diseases

A certain disease like thyroid and lupus are known to cause hair thinning. In extreme cases, hair loss will occur. People also suffer hair loss due to the side effects of some treatments like those of HIV/AIDS and cancer. As long as the effects of conditions or treatment persist, hair loss will be present. SMP effectively counters these effects.


Compared to other treatments, SMP is safer. The fact that no chemicals are used means no side effects. Since it involves no incisions, there is a low risk of infection and a local anesthetic is enough to ease discomfort.

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Helps mask scars

In the event that one had suffered an accident, surgery, or injury and sustained a hairless scar, SMP will help conceal it. It deposits pigmentation on the scar, making it look like there are real hair follicles on the affected area.

Scalp micropigmentation is slow fading and long-lasting. Consider it when seeking an effective treatment for hair loss.