5 Kinds of Employees You Need in Your Restaurant Business

Two lively restaurant staffRunning a restaurant isn’t easy. To ensure a smooth business flow, you need to hire and work with people who can accomplish several requirements of your company. Apart from getting the job done, these employees will define the success of your restaurant business as well. We listed five of them below.


Without a manager, there is no one to oversee operations and ensure the food and service quality of your business. It is ideal to hire a general manager, which you can fill if you own a small restaurant business and an assistant manager who can help with decision-making, training duties, and community outreach strategies.


Chefs are in charge of the kitchen and help restaurateurs come up with new ideas for the menu. Small restaurants typically work with one chef while bigger establishments employ two to three, including a sous chef and pastry chef. A chef’s salary depends on his/her training and expertise.


The duties of a cook differ by establishment, but they usually serve as assistants to chefs, serving up quick recipes such as sandwiches and salads. They can also prep ingredients or work on one or multiple areas of the kitchen, including the fryer and the grill.

Serving and Hosting Staff

Service is just as important as a restaurant’s food. Because of this, it is essential to employ a serving and hosting staff that, even under pressure, can meet the demands of a customer and maintain a positive and friendly demeanor. They must also create a favorable impression to make customers come back.

Drivers and Suppliers

Drivers and suppliers don’t work inside a restaurant, but they are significant to a food business’s success. Hire a professional driver who can deliver your needs on time, and a supplier who can provide what you need when you need it. Without them, you risk the flow and efficiency of your kitchen.

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When hiring restaurant staff, ask for recommendations and spread your announcement online. Doing this allows you to hire the best people from the best schools and fields. Train them and make sure that they feel significant in your company.