5 People You Need to Call when Moving to a New Home

Couple inside their new houseMoving into a new home is a major step in anyone’s life. This is a process that involves several people besides you, such as the developer of the new home, your family members, your work contacts, and such. You need to let these people know of your big move by giving them an email or a call.

Call the Real Estate Developer

Whether it’s a land for sale in Geelong or Melbourne, the developers of the real estate or home you’re buying will be one of the first people you’ll call. They could invite you to go to the place itself and inspect it while they answer any questions you might have. If you’re satisfied with the house or land, you and the real estate developer will enter into an agreement.

Call Your Parents

After this, you might want to call your parents or family members about your impending move. This will update them on your location, and lessen their worries about you.

Call a Moving Service

Once all of your belongings have been packed in your old house, you should have already called a moving service to pick your things. During the call, specifics like the quantity or the weight of objects to be moved are discussed. This way, the moving service can prepare a truck or two that can carry your things to your new home.

Call Your Employer

There are times when people relocate because they get hired in another area. If so, you ought to call your employer or work contact, whether it’s your old boss or your new one. Informing them about details like the date of moving will enable them to prepare for your departure or arrival.

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Call the Bank Officers

Lastly, you’ll need to call your bank to let them change your billing address. The same could be said for your electric, Internet, or water utilities. Doing so would prevent them from mailing parcels to your old address.

To conclude, moving to a new house is a process that generally involves other people besides you. You have to notify your family, your bank, your work, and such about the new neighbourhood you’ll be relocating to. This way, they’ll prepare accordingly, and you’ll move without hassle.