5 Things That You Need to Know Before You Buy Office Chairs Online

modern conference room interiorWorking at least 8 hours a day can take a toll on your body, especially if you’re using a chair that’s not fit for long hours of sitting. Choosing to buy ergonomically-designed office chairs online from firms such as Online Office Furniture can help promote a healthier back.

It can even keep your employees from missing work caused by injuries. But what are the things that you have to consider when looking for an office chair?

Lumbar Support

A perfect office chair needs to have support for your lower back. Some even have movable lumbar support that lets you fit the chair to your lower back. Having such feature is necessary to prevent lumbar strain.


One of the important features that you need to consider is the chair’s adjustability feature. The lumbar support, arm height and width, the seat height and width, tension control, and seat and back angle should be adjustable.

Wheel Base

Almost all office chairs have a wheelbase. However, there are wheels made specifically for certain floors. Rolling is an important feature to prevent any strain caused by reaching across a table to get items that are out of your reach.

Swivel Base

Office chairs should swivel freely to let you access various parts of your work desk. Your arm may get strained from stretching to reach various items if your chair doesn’t swivel smoothly.


Your chair’s fabric should be of breathable material to prevent it from becoming hot or uncomfortable after sitting in it for hours. Your chair should also have enough cushion to support you without feeling the base of the chair while you’re sitting.

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There are various benefits to having an ergonomically-designed office chair at work. It prevents any discomfort that comes from sitting in it for hours on end. It can also relieve your back from any pain, makes you more productive and even reduces the number of breaks caused by being uncomfortable.