Young Entrepreneur Interview: Beth Doane, Founder of RainTees

beth doane article

Beth founded her first company when she was just 22 and launched exclusive European fashion across the United States. It was a dream job for most girls but Beth soon saw the human rights violations, environmental pollution and child labor prevalent in the industry.

Determined to show that fashion could be produced ethically, Beth created her own apparel line called RainTees. By donating school supplies to children living in severely endangered tropical forests and featuring their artwork on every RainTee, Beth produced the brand in sustainable fabrics by paying her factory workers a living wage and planting a tree for every item sold.

Young Entrepreneur Interview: Silvio Porcellana, CEO of


Silvio Porcellana was raised in the northern part of Italy, where he studied Economics in Rome and started his online entrepreneur career when he built a stock trading simulation that he sold to a London-based company, in 2001.

He spent the following years as CTO of various web companies and startups (,, SEO Italy), until he created and funded, an online platform for building and reselling mobile websites easily and effectively.

Young Entrepreneur Interview: David Cogen, Founder of


Young Entrepreneur Interview: 9 Questions with the founder of The Unlockr

David Cogen is the founder and CEO of, a tech site for all of your how to's, reviews, and wireless news. This site started as a hobby and has since grown into a huge community of developers, power-users, and technophiles.
David has also recently started a new food how to and review site called that is pretty fantastic as well.

Entrepreneur Interview: Tom Copeman, Founder and CEO of Nara


nara mobile article

Exclusive interview with Tom Copeman who just launched his latest startup: Nara

Tom Copeman is a creative visionary and serial entrepreneur who has helped build brands such as lululemon athleticaBodyGlide, and now Nara, a start-up that looks to solve the problem of web search by crafting a more personalized and liberating Web with a next-generation personal internet platform. In addition to his life as an entrepreneur, Tom has worked in the Internet sector in roles ranging from principal investor and analyst for both private and publicly held companies, to corporate development for a national web developer and consultancy.

Young Entrepreneur Interview: Shaun Walker, Co Founder of HERO|farm



Interview Shaun Walker about his experiences starting up ad agency HERO|farm

Born and raised in New Orleans, Shaun graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. During his senior year, Hurricane Katrina smashed into New Orleans. Many experts claimed young people were fleeing the city in droves and would never return. After graduating, Shaun set off to his hometown determined to prove the critics wrong and become part of a defining generation of young entrepreneurs.

Young Entrepreneur Interview: Alexis Morgan, Founder of the Dream Agency


the dream agency-article

Interview with Alexis Morgan, Founder of the Dream Agency

A boutique public relations firm comprised of the top young PR professionals in the business today, The Dream Agency specializes in public relations as well as a variety of other services catering to our diverse clientele. Its goal is to build a relationship with its clients, their consumers, and the community, creating a unique brand identity and a trusting reputation along the way. Is is passionate, ambitious and determined to take on life, the world, and our business one endeavor at a time.

Young Entrepreneur Interview: Kelsey Meyer, Co-Founder of Digital Talent Agents



Young Entrepreneur Kelsey Meyer shares how she skipped the job market and worked for herself right out of college

Kelsey Meyer has been involved in four different successful startups and is very involved in the Missouri entrepreneurship scene. We asked Kelsey about her experiences as an entrepreneur so far, and what insights she has to share with other young entrepreneurs.

Young Entrepreneur Interview: Dylan Bathurst, CEO & Co-Founder of Rumgr iPhone App



The Zappos Employee Turned Entrepreneur Talks About The Challenges He Faced

 Dylan Bathurst, CEO and co-founder of Rumgr, started out as a former Zappos employee. He came up with the idea for the iPhone app after struggling to sell his own used goods from his phone. After researching all the options out there, he realized he just might have the next big idea. He organized a “start up weekend” and pitched his idea to investors. From there, Rumgr was born.

Young Entrepreneur Interview: James Brown, Co-Founder of



Interview with James Brown, Co-Founder of

James Brown is the co-Founder and Co-CEO of, a startup that aims to connect people based on their future goals and similar interests. 

Q. What is Goalee?

A. Goalee is an innovative networking platform that functions like a hybrid of professional networking site like LinkedIn and a matchmaking site like eHarmony. 

Young Entrepreneur Interview: Moses Lee, Founder of



Exclusive Interview with Moses Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of is a stage for college students to distinguish themselves through their portfolio of work and be discovered. Lee started his first startup at the age of 27, and is also the Assistant Director of Student Ventures at the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan.

Young Entrepreneur Interview: Jeet Banerjee of JB Media Force


jeet banerjee article

Young Entrepreneur Jeet Banerjee of London Speaks about his experiences

 1. How old were you when you started out on your first entrepreneurial venture?

When I was 9 years old, I had a sudden inspiration to learn about web design so I began learning Dreamweaver and Microsoft Frontpage in hopes of creating my first website. Even though I had no thought of trying to make money on the website, I mixed my love for basketball and web design and created PowerDunk (which was a website featuring all my favorite dunks).

Young Entrepreneur Interview: Second Chance Toys Founder Sasha Lipton



Social Entrepreneur Sasha Lipton talks about starting her first company as a student at Northwestern University

Founded in 2006 by Northwestern University student (and now college graduate) Sasha Lipton, Second Chance Toys is a non-profit organization dedicated to salvaging toys for children in need. Twice a year, the movement collects unwanted toys, primarily through city landfills, and donates them to community organizations.

Young Entrepreneur Interview: Ilana Jacqueline on Starting Her Own PR Firm



illana jacqueline article

The PR firm founder talks about her struggles and her eventual success

Ilana Jacqueline is the CEO and Chief Publicist of About Time Public Relations. About Time PR aids businesses in exposing their best qualities to media outlets all over the United States. Her clients can be seen in major newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio, and more! She uses her innate skills as a professional copywriter to help companies shape their brands identity, create brand loyalty and invite customers into an interactive relationship. She lives and works in Palm Beach County, FL.

Interview with SEA Founders David Baron and Zeshan Muhammedi


SEA Founders David Baron and Zeshan Muhammedi with waka flocka article

The Social Entrepreneurs Talk about Collaborating with Rapper Waka Flocka Flame and Helping Charities

SEA is an apparel company that associates colors with causes. Two students, David Baron (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Zeshan Muhammedi (Emory University) founded SEA.

The two founders have been best friends since 2nd grade.

Young Entrepreneur Interview: Matt Beckham, CEO of


Matt Beckham Article1

We ask CEO Matt Bekham how he got his start

Matt Beckham started, one of the most popular penny auction sites today. A completely different model from eBay, bidders pay 60 cents for each bid to raise the price of an auction 1 cent. The items are all supplied by itself rather than others who are trying to pawn off their stuff like on eBay. While it's not the first site of its kind, Matt has been able to make it very popular in a short amount of time. Whether you agree with QuiBids business model or not, you have to respect his success, and the speed and age at which he's attained it.

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