A Good Conveyancer: 5 Qualities to Look for

Conveyancing text written on a diaryThe role of a conveyancer is integral in making the process of buying or selling a property easier. As more and more people recognize the importance of conveyancers in a property purchase, more and more agencies are offering their services.

While the vast number of choices is a good thing, confusion on who is the right one to choose will definitely arise. Luckily, tools that help clients compare conveyancing services and prices are available online. But, as clients, you should also know the qualities of a good conveyancer:

Expertise in the field

Conveyancing requires not just skills, but also in-depth knowledge about the field as well as experience. Knowledge of property law is a must and should actively be practised by your chosen conveyancer.

Good communication skills

A conveyancer is your representative in dealing with the buyer or seller, as well as various offices that require presentation of legal documents. Therefore, good communication skills are necessary. Someone who knows how to explain and present themselves will be able to represent you and your interests well.

Reasonable rates

Conveyancing does not come cheap, but the rates should not skyrocket either. Get quotes from possible conveyancers and compare their rates. Avoid those who charge very high, as it does not guarantee quality service.


Ask how they will relay the progress and information of transaction to you. Transparency is very important throughout the whole process. As a buyer or seller, you should be kept updated on the latest progress concerning your transaction.


Get reviews from other clients who have had their services. Finding a reliable conveyancer who can deliver and get the job done is a must.

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Have potential conveyancers in mind? Do they fit the descriptions on the list? Ask more questions to know more about them and help you decide.