A Guide for Matching Your Toilet Partition to Your Business Type

Toilet BowlThe bathroom is a vital part of all commercial establishments. Since it is usually hidden in plain view, most business owners ignore its look altogether. The appearance of your bathroom, however, significantly impacts the overall perception of your business, and a less-than-perfect look can turn away potential clients.

Among the things which influence your bathroom’s look and functionality are the toilet partitions. There are various material options for toilet partitions on the market. The key lies in matching the material to your business type. Commercial cubicle providers such as duraplan.co.nz have noted the importance of choosing materials strong enough to withstand commercial use. Here is a guide for achieving this.

HDPE Solid Plastic

These partitions are made from solid plastic panels with a one-inch thickness. HDPE solid plastic partitions are impact-resistant, have various fire safety ratings and are easy to clean. Though they are costly, they last for at least 15 years. They are perfect for areas with high traffic and minimal surveillance including restaurants, stadiums, schools, gyms, and camping grounds.

Stainless Steel

This material is easy to clean, non-porous and rust-resistant.  Stainless steel toilet partitions also have protective embossed patterning which masks all sign of physical damage. They have class A fire ratings, and the powdered coated steel variety can withstand graffiti exceptionally well.  Stainless steel partitions are perfect for hospitals, offices, churches, swimming pools and hotels.

High-Pressure Laminate

This is a budget-friendly material which consists of hardened wood and industrial strength particle board. High-pressure laminate toilet partitions are durable, scratch and impact resistant, but not ideal for humid areas. They are hence used in restaurants, churches, offices, and hospitals.

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The above partition materials are the commonly used in commercial settings. There are various options for customizing them to fit your business and make your bathroom stand out. You labour hard to create a good impression on your clients, and the above toilet partitions are sure to leave a good impact on your customers.