A Summary of Common Bulldozers and Their Uses

DozerBulldozers are perhaps the most prevalent kind of heavy-duty earthmoving machinery. They are characterised by a wide, heavy blade, mounted on the tractor’s front. This blade can push just about any compacted material. Before considering equipment hire, you need to outline your project goals.

Some dozers only have the blade while others will also have a rear claw. The earlier version of dozers was best for farming and site preparation when landscaping, but the more modern versions are superb for mining and engineering projects.

Below is a summary of various types of bulldozers and their specific uses.

Crawler Dozer

These kinds of dozers resemble tractors. They can thrust sand and various other heavyweight materials. Crawler dozers, as the name suggest, do not have tires and instead have tracks, which in turn make the machine best for use in irregular fields.

You can find various sizes of the machine with the larger versions having rear rippers used for crushing down hard surfaces.

Wheeled Bulldozer

These kinds of dozers are bigger than crawlers. They are highly efficient, and their performance is outstanding. Wheeled bulldozers are what you will typically see on construction sites for stadiums or water parks.

They come with a hydraulic steering that makes them both flexible and easy to control.

Mini Dozers

Mini dozers are also quite popular. Their design ensures that you optimise transportability, manoeuvrability, versatility and speed. This kind of dozer would be excellent for use when handling a residential construction project.

It can clear lots and is particularly ideal for areas where the crawler dozer or the wheeled dozer cannot fit. You could also use a mini bulldozer to slop the sides of driveways and roads.

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The above is merely a rundown of the bulldozer types that are commonly used. There are also other dozer types available though they are not as popular as the above three. The crawler bulldozer, the mini dozer and the wheeled dozer are what you are likely to see daily on construction sites.