Are You Allergic to Paint? Know the Kinds of Indoor Paints to Utilize

Man painting a wallPainting is among the most inexpensive ways to spruce up any space. For some homes, however, the painting might come with a myriad of health issues. The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and heavy metals in paints could induce allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.

Thankfully, painting companies such as Park City’s have the perfect solution for sprucing your indoors without compromising your health. Here are some types of these non-hazardous paints they offer.

Natural Paints

This kind of paint contains natural raw ingredients, including plant dyes, water, plant resins and essential oils. They also contain natural minerals, such as milk casein, clay, natural latex, earth, beeswax and talcum.

Natural water-based paints are virtually odorless, and oil-based ones have a pleasant essential oil or citrus fragrance.

Zero- and Low-VOC Paints

These are paints with a VOC content of no more than 5g/l. Though some manufacturers label their paints as ‘zero-VOC,’ they use fungicides, biocides and colorants to improve them.

These additives increase the paint’s VOC content to about 10g/l. This is still a relatively low VOC content, and the paints are still safe for your health and environment.

VOC Absorbing Paints

These are specialty paints that contain active ingredients, such as formaldehyde, which absorbs VOCs. The VOCs hence remain contained within the paint, posing no danger to your health.

Atmospheric purifying paint is a VOC-absorbing paint with a flat or matte finish commonly used to paint ceilings. MDF passivating primer and anti-formaldehyde radiator paint are also VOC absorbing paints.

According to a recent EPA study, indoor air is about three times more polluted compared with outdoor air, and among the leading culprits of indoor air pollution is paint. You, however, need not worry about indoor pollution in your home anymore with a wide range of non-toxic paints to choose from.

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