Background Checks Eliminate Adverse Effects of Workplace Bullying

an employee being bullied and talked uponFailing to tame bullying in the workplace can lead your company to incur lots of trouble as it affects the well-being of your workers. Instead of taking chances, you should conduct a background check when hiring.

Hiring a new employee comes with a certain level of risk. You are bringing a total stranger into your fold and hoping that he or she is well-behaved. While most people are honest and don’t have anything to hide, there is a section of people who misrepresent themselves.

Such cadre of people can turn out to be workplace bullies, thieves or even dishonest employees. Luckily, you can keep your workplace in order by carrying out national police check in NSW before onboarding new hires. Digging into the background of your new employees can help tame workplace bullying, which has many drawbacks.

Loss of productivity

Workplace bullying leads to a dip in productivity as it could lead to the victims experiencing high levels of anxiety, depression and low attention span. A study by productivity commission estimates the Australian companies lose up to $36 billion due to workplace bullying incidences. Just like in high school, workplace bullying revolves around humiliation, verbal abuse, spreading malicious rumours and social isolation.

In addition to endangering the health and well-being of your employees, such behaviours are likely to increase the employee turnover rates in the affected company. Failing to curb such behaviour could lead you to incur substantial recruitment costs as you may have to do it frequently.

Potential for lawsuits

As an employer, you are duty-bound to provide a safe work environment for your workers. As such, it is your responsibility to curb vices that could endanger their health and well-being. Failing to do so could open a can of worm and leave you facing a string of negligence lawsuits.

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This could lead you to incur hefty legal fees, jury verdicts and settlement costs. Some out of court settlement for related incidents such as sexual assault or grievous bodily harm could run into millions of dollars.

Workplace bullying can have an adverse effect on your company’s reputation and lead you to invite lots of trouble. Luckily, you can avoid such eventualities by conducting a background check when hiring new employees.