Bake Your Way to Success: Steps to Start Your Business

Bakery BusinessYou’ve probably heard different successful business stories in New Zealand, particularly of those who started out their own bakery. The owners of popular bakeries such as Olaf’s Artisan Bakery Café, Loaf, and Wild Wheat have one thing in common: they dreamed — and they dreamed big.

Know what you want

Anyone can follow in their footsteps. It just takes a lot of courage and right decision-making to start a food business. When you have dreams of opening your bakery soon, organise what you want. Think about what products you want to focus on.

Do you prefer making artisan breads or traditional pastries, but with a twist? Once you have your potential products in mind, bake a batch — and let family, friends and even strangers taste them.

In starting a food business, it’s essential to know if the product you’re planning to sell clicks with the public’s taste buds. Loaf owner Sean Armstrong put it best, recounting his beginnings to NZ Herald: “More tanked than worked but you just make the decision ‘hey, thought it was a great idea, clearly it’s not’. Shelve it, move away, don’t forget about it because it might be a good idea one day and just move on to the next thing.”

Look for the best location

After you fully grasp your business idea, look for a place where you can make your baking dreams a reality. At this point, it’s important to know how much you’re willing to spend — for the property alone. Remember, you still have to keep money for ingredients. In searching for a location, find a strategic venue where you’re likely to have regular customers.

Investing in the right equipment

What’s a bakery without the proper equipment? Invest in the right tools. A bakery should have its own oven, display cases, driven roller conveyor and storage.

Innovative Conveyor Systems suggests letting the manufacturers of conveyor belts and other equipment visit your business to design everything according to your needs. When you want to turn your bakery into a café, prepare to spend more since you will have people staying for a meal.

Of course, you have to get the necessary permits. Apart from those, the only thing left to do is to market your business — and to have fun running it. Put your passion above all else. Everything, including success, will follow.