Because Image Is Everything: How to Improve Your Brand Image

Person pressing a futuristic brand buttonHow the public perceives you makes a big difference in your business. As they say, ‘image is everything’. Whether you’re just starting or have already established your brand, you should strive in improving your brand image, with the goal of reaching credibility and saleability.

Here are some of the best ways to do that:

Assess your assets and values

Take a really good look at your logo. Does it represent your brand values or is it just a hodgepodge of colours and graphics? Has the business evolved, but the logo stayed the same? Your visual assets are one of the first things people see when they check out your brand – the very thing that will let them form their first impression about you.

You then want your brand logo to match your organisation’s values. Speaking of values, these shouldn’t just be reflected on your logo or visual assets, but must also be lived and breathed by your team. Remember, every employee is a brand ambassador.

So in the same way you’re assessing visual assets, see how your employees are embracing your brand values as well.

Be active and proactive

Offering high-quality products and services enhance brand image. Be active then in improving what you offer – and how you offer it. The ‘how’ refers to your public’s experience getting the product or service. You may need to cut down the waiting times in queues in store or provide a hassle-free booking online.

The bottom line is, find ways to improve your products and services. Aside from being active though, being proactive is also important. Step outside your store or office and organise events that will let you reach out to your public.

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Give some corporate branded merchandise you can get from firms such as Novelli to materialise that act of reaching out to them. Events that have a charity purpose are a good way to relate to the public you’re targeting.

Cater to an online audience

Your reputation online translates to how the public relates with you offline. If you have lots of bad reviews on your Facebook page, there’s a high chance that people won’t have business with you. On the flip side, if you have a professional website and a very engaging social media page, you’ve already taken that crucial step of having people attracted to your business.

So, as you’re being active and proactive offline, don’t forget to do it online as well. Use digital marketing tactics to appeal to your online audience.

Again, how the public sees you makes a big difference in your business operations. So, the question is, how exactly does your public perceive you? Perhaps, it’s time to be more intentional in improving your brand image.