Beyond Pleasure: The Delicious and Healthy Ingredients of Pizza

Healthy Pizza in JanesvilleFor those who are constantly health-conscious, pizza would probably not be a favorite. However, a pizza slice can offer much to one’s wellbeing if you consider its ingredients. Here are healthy toppings for some of the more popular pizza offerings:

Cheese – Protein and calcium in one dairy product. A pizza has loads of cheese, sometimes even different kinds. Depending on what you order, you can get the basic mozzarella along with your favorite toppings or order four cheeses and you will be served exactly that. Hold off the salt, as a sprinkling of herbs is definitely good for your health.

Meats – Cold cuts are usually frowned upon by health addicts, but there’s nothing wrong with having some with actual chicken strips and ground beef. There’s still an ongoing debate whether bacon is good for your health, but if your ordered pizza comes with it, then go ahead and enjoy. Meat will always be a great and tasty source of protein even in their processed form.

Veggies – As pizzas are baked, the typical vegetables added as pizza toppings will retain more of their vitamins and nutrients compared to boiled veggies. Moreover, they’re yummier since they’re accompanied by other delicious ingredients. Pizzeria Vecchia says not to forget how they’re still crunchy and scrumptious once your piping hot Janesville pizza has been served.

Bread – Good old-fashioned carbs has never been more delectable with all that topping. You can get your energy while feasting on pizza. Although many warn against eating too much bread, or even too much pizza, you can never ignore the ease of gaining energy once you’ve had a slice of pizza or two.

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With the continuous additions of other healthy pizza ingredients, it’s easy to see why many are happy to gobble up a slice for a fast snack or meal. Remember, if you feel guilty about eating a piece of two, think of it as a healthy treat instead. After all, it really is.