Blooming Business: Commercial Landscaping at a Market High

Commercial landscapingCommercial landscaping continues to grow, spurred by the emergence and expansion of more commercial properties. As more retail properties develop, the landscaping industry receives more jobs. This partnership is what has made landscaping such a profitable business. The fact that impressive landscapes add value to a property is just a bonus.

Landscaping in the Market

Back in 2013, the financial information company, Sageworks, reported a 50% sales growth for firms in the landscaping industry. IBISWorld’s “Landscaping Services in the U.S.,” said a $76 billion market for the landscaping services industry.

In 2017, “placemaki” became a commercial landscaping trend. Commercial properties with beautiful spaces for people to gather in and stay, such as malls and hotels, profit more than the typical concrete structures. The more extended customers and clients remain in a building because of the calmness its landscapes bring, the more the business earns.

For those who wish to enter into the landscaping industry, it’s best to buy a lawn care franchise, rather than start a new lawn care business from scratch. Reputation is important when it comes to landscaping, and if a company starts offering franchises, it’s an indication of their good reputation.

Businesses That Make Use of Landscaping

Beautiful landscapeBesides hotels and malls, other commercial properties gain an advantage when they provide a green space for their patrons. Businesses that can take advantage of landscaping include:

  • Company Offices – Having an outdoor spot in the office that is pleasing to the eye improves the health and happiness of employees.
  • Universities/Colleges – Students look for outdoor study areas to inspire them.
  • Houses of Worship – The idea of paradise is present in all the world’s religions. Even a mere imitation in the form of gardens provides the soul with a feeling of peace and serenity.
  • Industrial Businesses – Constantly surrounded by metal and smoke can be draining. Landscapes provide the fresh air and eye candy employees need after a long day at work.
  • Restaurants – Landscaping provides an attractive ambiance to any dining area.
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Tastefully designed and well-kept landscapes create a positive impression for any business. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also economically friendly. Because of the numerous demands for good landscaping, it is one of the more lucrative businesses today. The industry will no doubt expand side by side with commercial properties.