Boosting Social Media Engagement the Easy Way

Social Media in Australia While everyone acknowledges the importance of social media in online marketing, there is no denying that measuring it’s value is harder than, say, SEO or PPC. The primary benefits are less about direct sales or traffic generation, but rather improving your brand exposure and communicating with your customer base.

How can you tell if your social campaigns are actually working? Is it just about the number of likes and followers you have? Some people obsess over the numbers, but the real measure of social media success is, explains, engagement.

To put it simply, having a hundred thousand fans of your Facebook page is meaningless if no one ever notices your posts. If you barely get more than a few likes, shares, or comments, then there is a serious problem, and you may need to consult social media services in Sydney.

A Few Tactics for Improving Engagement

Improving engagement is easier said than done, however. If you want people to interact with your social media accounts, they need to be genuinely interested in what you post. What can you do to start the conversation?

• Hold contests – With an attractive enough prize, you’re going to see a huge amount of engagement and will probably gain many new followers as well.

• Conduct polls – Everyone likes sharing their opinion about things that interest them. Ask them a question related to your industry, such as what they like or hate most.

• Encourage sharing – Some companies hide free content behind a “share wall”. This is a good way to incentivize people to share your posts, website, or page.

Ask-Me-Anything – AMAs are one of the most popular trends in social media, having a company representative conduct an open Q&A session is surprisingly effective.

These are just some of the many ways that brands use to improve engagement. Remember that communication should always be two-way; post content that makes it easy for followers to voice their thoughts in the comments section.