Building a More Secure Data Centre: Physical Security

Secure Data CentreThe safety of your data is one of your biggest responsibilities. Data theft or destruction may lead to millions of dollars in losses, not to mention lawsuits filed against you by clients, customers, business partners, investors, suppliers, patients, employees, etc.

If you own a data centre, this means you also have in your possession an incredibly huge collection of data, from trade secrets to customer profiles to company emails. There will come a time when your data centre will need expansion. Read these pointers before building that new data centre.

Scout the Right Location

The location is one of the most important aspects of building a data centre. It has a lot to do with security. Don’t build on a spot near a fault line, for example, or close to a body of water. It is also dangerous to set it up in a place where the weather is unpredictable or where flooding is known to happen. When you do choose a location, do it as discreetly as possible. It also helps if your building is protected from view by natural foliage.

Hire Security Guards

Don’t just hire security guards; get the best ones. Even if they are good at their job, however, you’re still not safe from the possibility of discontent, so pay them well. To further protect you from labour complaints, skip the manpower agency and hire full-time, regular guards. RAM Training Services suggests investing in their knowledge and capability by sending them to training and assessment by a Brisbane company. When it comes to protecting your data, spare no expense. Hire as many guards as possible. Do not forget an advanced security system customised for your needs.

Keep the Location a Secret

It’s hard to do this these days because everyone has a camera and Google Maps. But if you do your best to protect your data centre from prying eyes you are less likely to have any problem. Do not put a sign up there that says Data Centre. Surround it with a high wall. Make access to the premises impossible for someone who isn’t authorised. Your data centre doesn’t need windows, either, so skip those with the exception of a break room for employees.

The security of your data is your responsibility. Be sure to do your research regarding all the steps to ensure the safety and security of your data centre.

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