Building Projects In New York Hit A Roadblock Due To A Pending Bill

Engineers discussing in front of a construction sitePending legislation for design-building projects in New York has stalled progress for eight development plans, including a $1.9 billion improvement for a certain section of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

It will likely take a while before any of these projects can move forward, since the state’s lawmakers are in summer recess. New York City officials and several legislators have supported the proposed design-build technique for a number of reasons.

Cost Savings

Cost serves as one reason why many support the bill, including the New York City Department of Transportation. For instance, the design-build delivery method could shave off up to $300 million in expenses for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway project. It could also hasten work by cutting two years from the construction timeline.

The next legislative session for state lawmakers will start in January 2018. If the bill fails to receive approval until then, standard methods will remain in place for buildings projects in the city. This could delay the expressway project’s scheduled groundbreaking in 2020.

Architecture Billings

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) expects stable demand for 3D architectural rendering design services and other professional work to continue in the near term, as the billings index in May rose to 53.0 from 50.9 in April.

The increase took place for the fourth straight month. AIA chief economist Kermit Baker said that even if the increase did not occur overnight, it indicated a stable growth for demand that may continue in the near future. A score above 50 represents an increase in activity. Inquiry for new projects also rose to an index score of 62.4 from 60.2 in April, while new design contracts increased to 54.8 from 53.2.

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Even if building projects in New York are in limbo, the stable demand for design services nationwide still provides some encouragement for the architecture, engineering and construction industry.