Building Quality Lithium Batteries for Safe Use

Ways to be Safe with Lithium BatteriesLithium battery technologies have been making the headlines lately in the battery manufacturing industry due to the safety concerns around their usage.

Engineers and battery manufacturers acknowledge that these batteries are the best in storing energy. The explosion of lithium batteries, however, occurs under two circumstances — when you release the battery’s full charge or when the chemicals interact with foreign liquids.

Either way, thermal runways are the most common cause of batteries explosion. Therefore, the Lithium Conference 2018 has been addressing these battery safety concerns. Among the recommendations for battery safety include:

Self-Healing Batteries

Technology has tried to embrace self-healing mechanisms, and that has become a norm for batteries. Self-healing batteries have peculiar chemicals structures that prevent the leaking of the lithium after the damage of the battery.

In between the polymers is a gel that separates the electrodes. The gel allows the battery to self-repair after damage through pressing two sections together.

Solid Batteries

The liquid in most batteries is highly flammable and increases the chances of explosion and battery fires. Substituting the liquid element in the battery with solid conductors could make the batteries more stable with longer life.

The challenge, though, is that solids conduct ions more, which might cause them to not function well at room temperature. There is thus a limitation to the solids that can perform well — the best solids being sulfides and oxides.

Better Charge Control Technology

Safety is an essential feature for car batteries, especially considering the distance per charge capacity. Electric cars are using batteries with better control technology, which measures the operating condition and temperature of the individual cells in a battery pack.

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The technologies mentioned here are the recent new additions that battery manufacturers are considering from the Lithium conference 2018. All in all, manufacturers are looking for ways to develop safe and quality lithium batteries for a safe world.