Call Only Ads: Setup Tips and Tricks

Woman Receiving Call in SydneyThe Call Only Ad is an excellent feature in AdWords that specifically targets mobile phone users. When a user on their mobile phone clicks on your ad, they will be instantly connected to you through a call. If this is something that you want to offer your users, consider the following when setting up your own Call Only Ads.

Create an Enticing Ad Text that will Highlight your Business’ Value and Make Users Call

A great Call Only Ad is completely focused on getting a user to call your business. That said, you should utilise whatever real estate you have to clearly explain how your business is the best business to help them with their needs.

Target Only the Location that Matters

When you choose default targeting, you get the default location, such that you’re targeting all of Australia instead of a specific location, explains, an AdWords consultant in Brisbane. However, if your business is local, you should specify your location to target potential customers looking for local businesses.

Strategise your Bids

Always set your bid strategy to fit your goals. With this in mind, a majority of AdWords experts recommend you choose the Manual PPC option because, with the default setting, which is Maximise Clicks, you won’t be able to control ad scheduling.

Keywords for Call Only

These are usually location-based or location-specific keywords for users who want to visit your physical shop (if you have one). Keep in mind that your Call Only Ads won’t redirect users to your site so the keywords you must use will have to target users who’ll most likely require immediate answers or to act even without prior research.

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Schedule your Call Only Ads

You wouldn’t want to spend your money on clicks if someone isn’t available to answer your Call Only Ads right? So remember to select Manual PPC option so you can schedule specific times to show your ads.

Remember, successful online marketing isn’t just about your website because many potential customers will want to actually speak with another person when planning to of a purchase a product or avail of a service. Taking advantage of Call Only Ads will ensure that you connect with your audience more effectively and provide them the ultimate user experience.