Climate and How it Affects the Quality of Your Home

Home covered in snowBuildings, like humans, experience the effects of climate change. Inconsistent weather patterns alter the way we design, construct, and maintain buildings making engineers and homeowners take advance steps to ensure a home’s quality and strength. Know how climate can affect your property and what you can do about it:

Intense Winds

The wind can damage your home in two ways: up-lift and racking. Up-lift occurs when rapid winds build pressure on walls and roof slopes causing structural components to move outward. Racking, on the other hand, occurs when wind forces disassemble roof shingles, garage doors, and window frames. Many companies that provide garage door repair in Bucks County, PA say that proper installation of construction materials are important to prevent these from happening.

Excessive Rain

Too much rain can destroy not only the outside of your property, but the furniture and components placed inside as well. Rainwater can enter poorly sealed roofs, chimneys, and plumbing vents, which causes flooding inside the house. It can also destroy a home’s foundation, especially when the soil can no longer absorb and drain it. Check for holes and dried seals regularly to stop water from entering — and destroying — your property.

Extreme Heat and Sun

Homes made of wood are more prone to damage when under humid weather conditions. Roofing materials can significantly break under warmer climates while cement and pavements can crack during summer. Due to these, it is important to consider your location when building a home. You should also consider installing an attic fan or ridge vents to release the hot air inside your house. Keep a cool temperature to prevent wood furniture from drying out as well.

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Nobody can predict the weather, especially with the extreme climate changes we are experiencing today. However, one can stay safe by regularly checking and maintaining the condition of their homes.