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Thursday, 08 March 2012 Written by EntreRev

Why contribute?

  1. Share your knowledge and expertise to help others
  2. Brand yourself as an expert
  3. Get the word out there about your company, recent projects or your blog

Our audience is thousands of young entrepreneurs, college students and young professionals around the world.


  1. We exist to help young entrepreneurs, so write something from the angle of helping young entrepreneurs face specific problems. Examples include cutting edge technology or news that could be of use to young entrepreneurs, a first hand account of personal experience and lessons learned.
  2. The tone of the site is professional, but personal. 
  3. Send any relevant pictures to include with the article.
  4. Include a two sentence bio about yourself and your background to include at the end of the article, with a link or two to your work, your company, or a website you'd like to promote.
  5. Send over a draft, and our team will work with you to edit it and get it ready to post.
  6. Create original content.  Please don't send over a post that is already published somewhere else.  If you have a great topic or research you would like to share with our readers, add new content to it, refresh the wording enough to make it a unique article for us to publish.

Email questions/comments/guest posts to Puneet Lakhi at Puneet at EntreRev d0t com

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