Dangerous Electrical Hazards Lurking in Your Home

Defective electric wiresElectricity is certainly one of the best things that ever happened to humankind. Without it, life would be unimaginable. Sadly, electricity is also the cause of many injuries and deaths reported in the country every year.

People could avoid many electrical disasters if home-owners were a little more diligent. Is your home exposed to these three highly risky electrical hazards?

Defective electric wires

Defective electric wires are often the result of poor wiring that hardly conforms to the set safety standards. These cables are highly risky as they increase the chances or arc faults, power surges, fires and a myriad of other dangerous consequences.

Get an electrical and appliance repair specialist in Wellington to fix any loose, corroded or frayed wires, or broken appliances early enough to avoid a disaster.

Electrical outlets close to water

Your kitchen, bathroom and living room are some of the places where your power outlets need to be installed an appropriate distance from the water source. That’s because water is a good conductor of electricity.

Should it come in contact with electricity, the result could be a potentially fatal electrical shock to you or someone else.

Inappropriate use of extension cords

When extension cords are not in place, they increase the chances of someone tripping. As much as possible, avoid using several extension cords to substitute for power sockets. And don’t try to use too many electrical appliances on a single extension.

This would overload the socket especially if the appliances you are connecting to the socket use a lot of power.

Electricity should never be a threat to the well-being of you or your loved ones at home. With some diligence, you will find that it is easy to eliminate any electrical dangers that may be lurking at your house.

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