Dessert Is Not Just Fun, It’s Powerful

DessertsWhat makes dessert fun? It’s not just the taste. The way they look has something to do with it, too. Bake a batter and ice it sloppily, you have a cake. Pour a mixture onto an ice cream maker; you get ice cream. But is that all there is to these time-honoured desserts?

Dessert as Art

There is a reason ice cream tastes better when you can see fresh fruits in it instead of the usual homogenous mix. You feel that there is better value for money and taste the ingredients better. Similarly, a three-tier cake that has been adorned with all your favourite things will make tasting even more exciting. Even better, if you could design a cake online, it’s like turning your greatest fantasies into edible reality. The artfulness of these desserts only add to the enjoyment they bring once you finally take a bite.

Good Enough to Eat

Not all desserts are meant for the taste buds, however. Take one of the most popular selfie museums–the Museum of Ice Cream. It has now expanded beyond its temporary space in New York, and with each city it conquers, you get thousands of aesthetic photos on Instagram. One of its main selling points is that it provides beautiful backdrops for the Instagram worshipper. The jury is out on whether selfie museums can be considered art, but regardless, they sure look good.

Meant for Sharing

Desserts are some of the best comfort food options out there, but their desirability skyrockets when they are shared with your closest friends. Go on a quick trip to the nearest ice cream shop you frequented with your siblings when you were kids. Nostalgia might as well be a flavour on its own. Reliving your favourite memories or making new ones, with your beloved dessert as a witness, sure makes life a lot more bearable.

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It doesn’t matter what kind of dessert you enjoy. Personal preferences aside, they are coupled with some of your best memories, and that’s what makes them powerful.