Digitise Your Ad Campaigns to Keep Up With Your Consumers

Online AdvertisingIn today’s time and age wherein millions of people use the Internet, it makes complete sense for business owners to start investing in online advertising and marketing campaigns. Combining traditional and these more modern and innovative methods of advertising and marketing will bring in far greater results than just using the former.

Here are some quick statistics and facts that will make you realise the value of a digital media agency in your ad campaigns.

Online reviews affect purchasing decisions.

In a Moz survey conducted in 2015, it revealed that reviews read online influenced 67.7 percent of the respondents. The same study also stated that nearly 55 percent said that they place significant importance in online reviews before purchasing a product or selecting a service provider.

What does this mean for you? Simple: when you do not have an online presence, people will not learn about you, and those that have previously purchased your products or paid for your services may post their reviews about you online, but other Melbourne consumers will not have an easy way to find you.

Most people only go through the first five results on Google SERPs.

Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer. You most likely use Google, and when you perform an online search for a product or service, do you go beyond page 1? More importantly, do you actually look at all or just the top five results? You probably belong to the second group.

So when you have not implemented online advertising and marketing strategies yet, you can rest expect people not to find you. And even when you do have web-based ads and use online marketing tactics, if they are ineffective, you will not find your site in the top five results of Google SERPs.

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The bottom line is, the longer you delay incorporating digital advertising and marketing campaigns, the greater the market share you lose to your competitors. Work with a digital agency in Melbourne as soon as you can to recoup these losses and start gaining a bigger following.