Discover 4 Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Menu

Table arrangement on a wedding receptionIf you would like to throw in a budget-friendly party, you need something that is both great and inexpensive. The following ways can help you organize an affordable, sizzling menu that leaves your guests licking their fingers.

Include appetizers

Bite-size snacks are a sure way to curb the appetites of your guests before the main reception. Popular snacks include crab cakes, chicken-and-waffle skewers, popcorns, and deviled eggs. Liaise with your catering provider or arrange with a local supplier.

In Michigan, for example, you can consult a reliable supplier of bulk popcorn for weddings or birthday parties.

Serve your guests family style

Instead of a buffet style, create a family-style serving in which guests share platters of different delicacies such as French fries, home fries, and waffles. It brings people together than standing in a queue at a packed buffet. Consider including honey-baked ham or roasted pork.

Boost the eggs

Do not stick to traditional rubbery scrambled eggs. Try something new with the egg dishes. Delicious options include eggs Benedict, frittatas, and quiche, spiced with pure and seasonal ingredients. They invoke a refined feel in your visitors.

Allow your guests to customize the meal

While the guests may not be able to choose their entrée, you can give them the opportunity to select their tastes. Think about made-to-order stations for omelets, cheeses, sausages, bacon, or ham. These can add a personal feel to any wedding food.

For sweet flavors, you can include fresh juice, jam toppings, and biscuits. In fact, consider including more sweets because they supplement the main meal. In addition to fresh fruits, you can include cinnamon rolls, maple-bacon muffins, doughnuts, and tarts.

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Overall, the type of food you choose for your wedding and the way you serve them, make all the difference. Now you know; implement the tips here, and make your guests yearn for more.