Drug Storage for Big Distributors

Woman Fixing Medicine on a Drug StorageThe drug distribution chain requires strict adherence to health guidelines to ensure the product’s quality and potency. One important aspect of drug distribution is its storage, from the warehouse to pharmacy and hospital stockrooms.

Big pharmaceutical companies have the responsibility of maintaining the quality of their wares, which requires significant investment in proper drug storage facilities and industrial shelving.

Stable Storage Conditions

Storage conditions require careful climate control — the temperature and relative humidity must always be monitored to maintain the strength, purity and quality of the drugs. The climate inside the warehouse must remain constant, regardless of changing weather conditions and seasonal shifts. Just one day of poor temperature control can completely ruin a batch

Products must also be protected from direct sunlight and excessive moisture. An updated ventilation and cooling system makes it easier to maintain required temperatures.

Warehouse Maintenance

Strict dating of the products is also required, as drugs lose their efficacy over time. Warehouses must manage the time that their inventory enters and track the expiration date of the drugs — drugs that are stored earlier and have shorter lifespans must be distributed within a set time frame. If this is not possible then, the expired stock must be separated and placed in a secure area.

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A strict cleaning schedule is needed to keep areas free of contaminants. All refuse must be removed immediately, and all receiving, storage, packing and shipping areas must be kept clear.

Product quality inspections should be carried out daily — check for expiration dates and other pertinent information. All products should be stacked correctly, as some medicines cannot be crushed or subjected to any pressure.

One of the key concerns is deterioration — there are many factors that could affect the quality and potency of medicines. This includes exposure to moisture, heat and light. Poor storage conditions may cause the medication to become ineffective, and in some cases, even harmful.