eCommerce for Beginners: Making Returns Easier for You

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Sometimes the color of a shirt looks different on the screen of a customer; sometimes the fit just isn’t right. There are also instances when customers just don’t like the product and want a different one. Regardless of the reason your customer is returning an item, you have to deal with it sooner, especially if you’re operating an eCommerce site. If you’re just starting out, here are some suggestions for a hassle- and stress-free return:

1. Implement a Return Merchandise Authorization System.

With a streamlined RMA system in place, you could easily authorize returns and refunds and document common reasons for item returns using returns management software. noted that this would likewise give your customers peace of mind and transparency since they could track their return status on their own.

2. Highlight Your Returns Policy.

All your product pages should include a link to the page containing your returns policy. Ensure that your policy is easy to understand and includes crystal clear terms. At the very least, it should include a specific timeframe for refunds and returns, and how they’ll get their refund. Include information on restocking and/or reshipping if any, and state which items are returnable and which are not.

3. Don’t Forget Shipping Labels

You should definitely consider generating shipping labels on demand, which means that they should be made once your customers request for returns. You could use a software for this task. This will enable you to e-mail customer shipping labels or give access to a specific site where they could print their labels online. Another way is including return shipping labels with every order, so that when a customer wants to return your item, the label will be prepped and ready for shipping.

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Keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to provide a hassle-free and positive online shopping experience to your customers, and this should include easy and fast returns. Take note that according to surveys, over 95% of consumers would happily purchase from online stores that offer a stress-free returns experience. Start with these three tips, test them, and tweak as needed.