Effective Voice Over Strategies For Brands

Voiceover headset on a laptop

Are you trying to enter a new market in another country with a different culture? If so you will need to translate your brand message to communicate with your audience. A direct translation is not enough, as you might lose some or even most of the meaning you want to convey.

It may also result in confusion and a poor reception of your products and services. Voice over and language services experts cite the following strategies that lead to a successful translation of your brand message.

Refer to Your Brand’s Personality

When you have to translate your message, relate to your brand’s personality; the values you stand for and would want people to recognize you for. Express these with the language and words you use in another culture.

These must reflect in the tone of voice, and the facial expressions for videos, of the talent doing the voice over. The strategic pauses, change of pace in speech, word choice and emotion in the speaker must represent your brand’s identity.

Stay Invisible

An expert cites that when you translate and do a voice over, the translator must be “invisible.” His or her personality and character must be in the background. Doing so enables your brand to be front and center of any campaign in another country with a different culture.

Consider Context

If you are trying to enter a new market with a different set of values and culture, the voice over and translation should not necessarily use the same set of words. Think about the cultural context of the humor, copy and script you will use for the advertising materials.

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These have to be consistent with your brand values and message, and the type of products and services you want to sell.

These are ways to translate and create a voice-over for the advertising materials you will use in your campaigns. Implement these to cross borders and succeed in entering a new market with a different culture.