Empathy or Humor? Two Styles of Motivation Your Speaker May Use

SpeakerMotivation can be hard to conjure up from people. You cannot expect people to do everything you say on a whim. When you are a boss of a company, it can be frustrating to have unmotivated workers.

Instead of replacing your employees every time, it can be more cost-efficient to motivate them through a seminar or invite speakers, such as Montgomery Presents, to come over in the office. This is possible by getting the right speaker for the job. Here are some qualities audiences may look for:

The Empathic One

To most employees, seminars can be boring or a waste of time. Your chosen motivational speaker should break this stereotype to be effective. A speaker that knows how to empathize with the audience can capture their attention. Most listeners are looking for someone whom they can relate to.

An empathic speaker is sometimes a person with experience in the same industry. He should know exactly what your employees are going through to relate to them. Establishing a solid connection leads to clearer exchange of information between the speaker and the listeners.

The Comedic Approach

Seminars take hours of sitting and listening to someone talk. This will not be the case when you invite funny motivational speakers to the podium. Time becomes irrelevant when the audience is having fun listening to the speaker. It keeps them attentive and prevents them from dozing off mid-speech.

Comic timing and wit are rare qualities that can keep listeners interested for hours. Keeping the atmosphere fun allows the speaker to bring up points that are easy to remember. Listeners tend to react more positively to change when they are having fun.

Change in the office may come from an outside perspective. Introduce a motivational speaker to your office to point out changes needed to be done within the workplace. It can greatly help boost productivity and bring about needed modification in an employee’s attitude towards work.