Facebook To Undergo New Changes

FacebookAccording to sources close to Facebook, the company is set to engage in endeavors, which will improve the experience of users. The idea behind such includes pages getting less of what they crave, which are reach and referral traffic.

Facebook has recently announced three major updates to its already flawless News Feed algorithm. They also warned that such adjustments would entail a reduction of distribution for some pages. The social networking site said referral traffic to media publishers has grown twice in the last year and a half. Nevertheless, such move will not hamper the overall “organic reach” for business pages plunged.

Facebook however did not disclose any information regarding concerns about how significant and prevalent the potential drop due to the ongoing update. According to a blog post written by product manager Max Eulenstein and user experience researcher Lauren Scissors, “Your mileage may vary”.

Such changes on the page’s distribution will affect an account differently. It will all depend on the composition of your audience and your activity in terms of uploading posts and sharing content from different accounts as well. In some rare cases however, factors such as post reach as well as referral traffic could potentially decrease.

The most intriguing and obvious change however will transfer content from friends higher in the News Feed. Users of the Social networking site have recently expressed their apprehension regarding missing updates from friends. This has caught the attention of the company, which is why they are working double time ensuring that content posted by friends is not missed.

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Facebook posted in their account that the “update tries to make the balance of content the right one for each individual person” This makes it more personal and more fit for a user’s activity.

People also expressed their displeasure when they see content notifying them when their friends liked and commented in a post. Facebook is also relaxing a rule that prevented users from seeing multiple posts from the same source, “improving the experience for people who don’t have a lot of content available to see.”

The move by Facebook is set to improve the overall experience of people who will be using the site. Although it has gained mixed approval from the public, officials from the social networking juggernaut are confident that they will learn to accept such changes. They even went as far as stating that the public will realize the need for such change eventually.