Find Your Perfect Village in Planned Communities

A row of residential housesWhile city living has its perks, life in the city can be full of unnecessary noise and hustle. If at some point, you find yourself looking for a better place to live, a planned community might be the answer.

What is a planned community?

Planned communities are built, usually on a large tract of land, in either urban or suburban locations. These are self-contained and can be designed to accommodate either a limited age group or a wide one. Some communities are made for families while others are created specifically for retirees.

These communities have designated residential and recreational areas. The types of recreation available can be affected by the residents’ age groups and the way the community is set up. To create the ideal atmosphere, planning consultants are hired to conceptualize the design based on the developer’s target market.

Advantages of living in planned communities

While typical developments do have some form of planning involved, these can change over the years. The things you loved about your neighbourhood may eventually give way to development like parks and other types of open spaces. Perfectly placed, landscaped greenery will always surround you in planned communities no matter where you are and there’s a greater chance that these will not change with time.

Traffic flow is also likely to be far better, and there’s a very good chance you’ll only need your car if you work outside the community. Public transportation is more readily available and with more comfortable commutes since the community is less likely to be crowded.

Disadvantages of living in planned communities

Of course, this idyllic life comes with a price. Your home design options can be very limited to keep the general look and feel of the neighbourhood. This also means home maintenance is more stringent, especially for the exterior of your home. You will also be paying extra for the maintenance of the community itself.

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All that said, few people purchase homes in a planned community without first viewing the area. So if you’re considering moving into one, make sure to ask all the necessary questions to ensure it is the community and lifestyle you desire.