First Impressions Count: Personalised Stationery for Your Business

Table with a lot of colorful materialsEven in the age of computers, good quality letterheads are an essential part of business. The tried and tested method has withstood the test of time as the customer’s source of first impressions of your business.

When setting up a new business, one of the essential components of any marketing strategy is the production of stationeries. As brand names came into play in the 19th century, firms recognised visual imagery as an important factor in the advertising business.  

Brand recognition not only came from wall posters and adverts on buses, but also through their letterheads.  A quality letterhead with decorative fonts could enhance a business’s reputation and become synonymous with the service that they provided.

Australians Love Stationery

Today, in the age of the internet, people are still in love with the letterhead.  Boutique office supply stores are a common feature of shopping malls with some Australians paying as much as $50 for leather bound stationery, one reason customised stationery makers in Australia are in demand.

Why Printed Stationery Is a Must

Here are reasons these printed wonders are necessary to your business.

Personalised letterheads add professionalism. Personalised stationery attracts potential customers to the product and adds an air of professionalism to the firm.  The design should match the brand and the business cards.

Business cards are a versatile way to advertise. Business cards are affordable to produce, and you can hand them out at events or kept by the till to increase the number of customers.  They are more personal than digital marketing. 

Handing over a card while chatting to a customer still makes more revenue than email and shared around.

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Leaflets and posters are memorable. Flyers and posters are memorable, and aid potential customers remember the company’s name or the products.  Posters seen from distances can make a positive visual impression on the viewer.

People just love printed stationeries. Capitalise on this thought and watch your business grow its client base.