For Better Impact, Give Your Ads an Emotional Punch

Emotional AdvertisingAdvertising is all about employing a creative strategy to get customers to appreciate a brand and consider purchasing a product. The time it takes for customers to make the final decision, therefore, is crucial, and it relies on a variety of factors.

When it comes to expanding customer reach, Singtel Media believes that it’s more than just having the right advertising services: it’s about creating a powerful, emotional ad. Emotion-based advertising proves its effectiveness, as it creates a sense of brand differentiation among viewers.

Emotional Reactions Lead to better Brand Recall

According to psychologists, it’s easier to tap into memories when a person has attached emotions and feelings to it. On a similar vein, an ad with a good story or one that evokes and reinforces an emotional reaction will have better brand recall than an ad with a subtle brand cue.

Take for example the controversial ad from BBDO New York about gun violence prevention. The ad’s disorienting conclusion shows how failing to notice the signs of gun violence could lead to tragic consequences. It’s the kind of ad that stays with a viewer, because of its striking nature.

Emotional Appeals Cut through Idle Customer Mindsets

Neuroscience experts claim that people run on an idle, non-thinking state, especially when passively watching TV or browsing content online. Customers, therefore, don’t want an ad that’ll make them have to think about the message — an emotional appeal, as in the case of one World No Tobacco Day ad, is effective because it doesn’t require a thinking process and it stands out.

Emotional Advertising is a Great Clutter Buster

According to the Advertising Education Foundation, a person sees about 3,000 ads per day. Exposure to so much clutter makes it hard for advertisers to make their audiences notice their brand. For example, while ads that simply say, ‘Don’t text and drive. Arrive alive’, get its message across, Brake’s Text and Drive Campaign makes for an effective clutter buster. It delivers the same message, but does so by utilizing an emotional, chilling message.

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Emotions can drive customer decisions in a way that no other marketing technique can. Utilizing it not only leads to better brand recall, but it is also a thought-free process and an effective cluster buster.