For Business Leaders: These 4 Shocking Hazards Would Happen Without Hazard Labels

Hazard Label System In every industrial plant or office, there are always electrical hazards. This is because most, if not all, businesses right now rely on electricity to function every day. Safety labels like electrical safety sign boards are therefore needed to warn workers of these dangers.

If these safety labels aren’t implemented, the following electric hazards could happen.

Electric Shock

An electric shock happens when the human body comes into contact with an electrical source of energy. This causes an electric current to surge through the body, which could cause relatively minor injuries like flash burns, or fatal consequences like death. Although flash burns could be treated, it is still painful and could leave mental trauma on the afflicted.

Arc Flash Explosion

An arc flash explosion is the deadly result of heat and light that is produced when electricity superheats the air. Typically, power travels through conductors like metal. However, if there is a gap between two conductors through which the electricity is supposed to travel, the air that fills the gap becomes charged so much that an explosion happens.


Exposed electric wires could cause burns to flammable objects or surroundings. This could even leave burns on people who get exposed to the resulting fires. Fires caused by electric wires cost not only lives but businesses as well because these fires could happen quickly and take long to extinguish.

Safety labels are needed to prevent the abovementioned electric hazards. Businesses that depend on electronics could get their operations halted if these hazards happen.

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For example, computers overloaded by electricity could mean the loss of important data for a company. For business leaders, it’s therefore wise to invest in safety labels to keep your people safe.