For Dads: 3 Fun Ways to Bond with Your Teenage Son

Father and Son BondingAs a parent, you want the best for your son and you want to know him better. This is easy when he’s young, but most parents start having difficulties connecting to their kids when they become teenagers. This is a normal challenge, but you must do your best to get past your son’s walls for you to bond, interact, and connect. Here are some father-son bonding activities that they might appreciate.

Watch a Sports Gathering Together

As a kid, you may have taught your son to play sports like basketball, football or tennis. Now that he’s a teenager who already knows what he’s doing and has friends to play sports with, playing with you may not be his priority anymore. The Ticket Merchant says that you can still enjoy this common interest by taking him to a sports competition. Buy those AFL Fremantle Dockers tickets now and you and your son will definitely have the time of your lives watching a fun-filled sports event.

Learn Their Video Games

If your son is more of an introvert and a home buddy, try connecting with them through the video games they play at home. Ask them what they’re playing and show interest instead of scolding them for playing for hours. Ask if you can join them, and show genuine interest in the game. Who knows, maybe you’ll even enjoy yourself. As long as they do it on weekends and they maintain good grades, there’s no problem playing video games.

Help with Their Homework

Teenagers have the tendency to hide when they’re having a difficult time at school. Ask them casually about their homework. When they respond, tell them that you know something about it and offer to help if they need it. You’ll be surprised how this can turn into a real bonding experience.

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These are only some of the ways for you to connect to your teenage son. Don’t impose, just show them how much you care and how much you want to spend time with them.