Four Simple Ways of Enhancing the Functionality of ID Badges

Illustration of identification badgesIdentification badges are necessary for events such as sales conferences, trade shows, workshops and business training. These tools of identification facilitate effortless interaction and make networking easier to accomplish. Personalised photo badges are especially attractive during business events. The inclusion of company logos serves as a marketing tool. It becomes easy for those around you to recognise your brand, and know what organisation you are affiliated with a certain industry. For you to derive these benefits, the details on your badge must be clear. Here are tips to enhance their visibility.

1. Placement

Whatever business event or purpose your badge is meant to serve, how well you place it determines its effectiveness. You should wear ID badges on the upper right side close to your shoulder. With this placement, the people you interact with will easily see it when you extend your arm to shake hands. The position is also in the visual range of everyone around you.

2. Legibility

The details on the badge should be easy to read. Have the font in a reasonable size that allows people to see the details without squinting. Another way to make details visible is using dark ink for the printing. Print the names in order and break long ones into two lines.

3. Clothing

If not well thought out, your dress code could interfere with the visibility and placement of your badge. Any neckwear that flaps over it might end up concealing the identification card. The same goes for long hair that is let loose and goes beyond the shoulders. Keep distractions away and place the badge in plain view.

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4. Credentials

Adding credentials adds more weight to your position. The appropriateness of additional details such as academic achievements or association with professional bodies will depend on the context of use. You may want to include your titles on your tag when facilitating a professional conference, but the same might not be relevant in a children’s charity event When wearing an identification badge, you want it to ease interaction and communication. Make sure that it serves this purpose by enhancing the visibility of all details on it.