Four Ways to Improve Productivity in the Modern Workplace

Finger pointing at search bar with text of improve productivityProductivity is an ongoing goal in every company. Strategies are continuously being made to improve the productivity of each employee in a company to make sure they’re contributing to its growth. Businesses like Quest Workspaces know that active workplace culture is useful when it comes to productivity. However, with the rise of technology today, productivity can easily be affected. Here are four ways to improve productivity in the 21st-century workplace.

Meetings Must Be Brief

How often have you experienced being in a meeting that took more than an hour and didn’t have any concrete result? A study has shown that 63 percent of meetings in America are held without a pre-planned agenda. This means wasting the time of the employees just thinking about what should be discussed and not having a timeline for it. Productive meetings are brief, strictly follow a schedule, and have follow-ups to check on results.

Respect the Space of Private Workers

Open-plan offices may work for some businesses. Still, you have to acknowledge the fact that it doesn’t work for everyone. Some people work better if they have personal space. These people may find it difficult to work with colleagues continually walking around them, but they can create outstanding results when left alone.

Control Access to Messaging Apps

Collaboration and real-time updating are some of the benefits of having a messaging app for your business. Nonetheless, employees may also use it for conversations that are irrelevant to work. Knowing how to set up controls in an app is an excellent way to avoid wasting time.

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Take It Easy on the Office Rules

People nowadays are keen on getting things done their way, and rules may be a turn off to them. Gone are the days when a thick employee handbook has to be given out during orientation. Instead, keep the most important rules and send your employees a soft copy. This will make it easier for them to their work freely rather than just doing it because they have to.

If you’re a business owner, part of human resources, or a team leader, productivity must be on your checklist. If you try implementing these four steps, you’ll see results that will not only increase productivity but build a better workplace.