Game Changers: Wine Makers Turn to Labels in Outdoing Competition

WineMarketing experts have always stressed the importance of packaging in selling a product. These days, however, packaging has become so important that it can be the sole factor in a consumer’s buying decision.

One of the studies that looked into the importance of packaging to sales revealed that a whopping 64% of consumers make their decision to purchase a product when they find the packaging appealing, even when they have no prior knowledge of the product.

How are these findings affecting the wine industry?

Changing the Game

As Millennials became the new target market for many wine manufacturers, companies have veered away from plain, standard bottles. Winemakers have started to turn to labels in setting their brand apart and outdoing the competition, which led to the transition from lack lustre paper packaging to sophisticated domed resin labels, among other packaging ideas.

Here are a couple of winemakers that managed to stay ahead of the curve, where packaging is concerned:

Harem Sultan Wine – By dressing every bottle with a traditional silk kaftan that bears the pattern usually reserved for an Ottoman Empire ruler, Turkey-made Harem Sultan Wine wins in the brand recall department. The delicate kaftans make a great conversation piece, and as visitors bring the bottles home to their countries of origin as a souvenir, it continues to inspire brand awareness, wherever in the world it is.

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The Tierra Earth Wine – To honour the abilities of the master of Spanish viniculture, Agapito Rico, The Tierra Earth Wine placed its product in a bottle wrapped in “earth”.

For the past decade, wine consumption increased steadily, but that didn’t give manufacturers a reason to rest on their laurels. With Millennials leading the market, product preferences have also changed. As this new breed of shoppers tends to put more value on packaging over actual product content, the wine industry has geared to change their game to stay ahead of the competition.