Glass Windows 101: Repairing Insulated Glass Units

window glass contractorAlso known as double or triple glazed windows, insulated glass units refer to windows with two or more layers. The window has a space between the panes to allow transfer of temperatures through the glass, enhancing its insulating properties. Some glass panes use gases such as xenon, argon, and krypton to increase the insulation power.

These windows are very efficient and innovative, but how do you know when they are no longer serving you well and need restoring?

Often, cracked or discoloured insulated glass units are costly to replace, and getting a repair is an affordable option. The following are the typical glass repair procedures every property owner in North Shore should consider:

1. Seal Repair

Any foggy appearance between glass panels is a sign of broken seals. If that’s not the case, the seals might be experiencing stress. The foggy glass has unsightly, compromised insulation properties. Their seals can be clear again after removing them and cleaning the affected panes.

Cleaning of the inside of the seals follows, to clear all moisture. After this, the window components are then ready for reassembling and resealing.

2. Removal of Condensation

In some instances, the seal may be intact, but there is a foggy appearance. Usually, the foggy results are from fluctuations in the air temperature. In such cases, removing moisture takes a less invasive procedure — drilling of a small hole and spraying a solution to dry the present fog.

3. Glass Replacement

You could also repair cracked glass windows without replacing the whole window. First, you need to remove the cracked glass, take measurements and get a replacement glass with the same dimensions. After the replacement glass panel fits in place, replacing the seal and the insulation follows.

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Windows are what causes a quarter of the heat loss in your home and can cause high utility bills as well as create an uncomfortable space. But, broken insulated glass units or those in poor condition do not act as an effective thermal barrier either. In that case, you will need glass repair services to get the most out of your long-term investment.